Loans and Rates

Loans and Rates

Acceptable property types

Non-owner occupied residential, commercial and multi-unit properties as well as entitled land.


Loans are focused primarily on the Northeast U.S. region, California, and other prolific national markets.

Loan Size

$200,000 to 2.5 million

Loan-to-Value (LTV)

Up to 80%

Down payment

20% minimum at closing

Lien Position

First position only

Loan Type

Rehabilitation (fix and flip), acquisition development and bridge financing.

Transactional Funding

Yes, we provide this rapid short term financing.

Equity Participation

Private Capital USA works with borrowers to meet various needs. Our standard policy is not to provide equity participation. Please enquire.

Borrower Type

Non-owner occupied, single purpose loans.

Borrower Experience

Borrower must have proven real estate investment experience with a positive track record.

Borrower Credit/Financials

The value of the real estate is the primary focus of our lending. We also review borrower credit and financials, and weigh the borrower’s record and real estate investment experience to determine loan candidacy.