Loan Programs

Loan Programs

At Private Capital USA, our goal is to be the lender of choice for real estate investors. We understand that loans with a quick turnaround and flexibility are priority. Private Capital USA provides short-term financing, ranging from 6-12 months, specifically for real estate investors, builders, operators, and developers to expedite immediate real estate needs.

We offer several different financing options, including:

Renovation “Fix and Flip” Loans

Fix and Flip renovation loans are given to real estate investors that are focused solely on purchasing, renovating, and reselling residential properties – either single-family or multi-family unit properties.

Bridge Loans

Private Capital USA provides Bridge loans for residential and commercial properties that require little to no improvements. This short-term financing is designed to bridge the timing until the sale of the property to an end buyer, and recapitalize with conventional bank financing.

New Construction and Development Loans

New construction loans are granted to accredited, experienced builders and developers on entitled land in order to finance the construction and development of a specific project.

Transactional Loans

If you are a real estate investor in need of a transactional loan, Private Capital USA provides rapid short-term financing to qualified prospective borrowers who already have an end buyer waiting, or need to close a deal faster than conventional lenders are able. Transactional Loans are rapid short term financing – loan duration is typically 24-48 hours.