The experienced team at Private Capital Equity Fund, L.P. manages all investment for its lending/finance fund, Private Capital Equity Fund, L.P. The primary objective of the fund is to generate annual ROI to its accredited investors by creating and acquiring short-term real estate investment loans on non-owner occupied residential and commercial properties, nationwide.

These short term first-position mortgages on non-owner occupied single or multi-unit residential or commercial properties are projected to provide ROI, based upon preservation of capital, fund income and loan diversification. Learn more about our Loans & rates…

Private Capital Equity Fund, L.P. is a team of experienced investment managers with solid background in the real estate industry, with a focus on real estate investment, residential and commercial development, acquisitions, underwriting, valuation, financing, banking and real estate law experience. We understand the nuances of real estate investment lending, which enables us to underwrite and analyze the risk associated with short term lending on a variety of real estate transactions.

Over 60 years combined experience with a successful lending track record of millions in real estate loans

Access to a vast network of accredited real estate investors and their affiliates, that rely heavily, if not solely, on private, hard money lending

Interested in becoming an investor? Accredited investors are invited to fill out the Investor Information Form below, and a fund manager will contact you as soon as possible. If you are not an Accredited Investor we have additional high yielding investing opportunities available please fill out the form below and a fund manager will be in contact.

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