Are you seeking a private lender to finance your real estate investment and development goals? Private Capital USA provides fast, hard-money loans. We expedite the process and funding of loans to get your project moving quickly. Learn more about our Loan Programs, Loan Criteria and Terms and Rates.

Ideal loan candidates are experienced, qualified real estate investors, builders, developers and brokers seeking reliable alternative funding resources. Our dedicated fund management team has over 60 combined years of experience in real estate investment, residential and commercial development, acquisitions, underwriting, valuation, financing, banking and real estate law experience to better serve you.

To find out if you are a candidate for a loan, we require the following:

Credit Report and Background Check: Individual – $60

Credit Report and Background Check: Joint – $120

Property Appraisal – $650

Loan Application – $450

Property Legal Fee – $1,750

Satisfaction Fee – $350


Credit Report and Background Check – $150

Loan Application – $600

Property Appraisal – $2,000

Property Legal Fee – $3,500

Construction Progress Inspection Fee (per draw request):

1 Inspection – $300

2 Inspections – $600

3 Inspections – $900

4 Inspections – $1,200

5 Inspections – $1,500